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Best of the Best

Spirit of Peace ExCombatants’ – Asacafè from Colombia, represented by Carlos Arturo López Guarnizo and Oscar Rodrigo Campo Hurtado

Coffee Lovers’ Choice

Ngamba Coffee Washing Station from Rwanda, represented by Ms. Celine Niwemugeni


Matthew Accarrino

Accarrino is the nationally recognized chef known for his unique culinary style drawn from his Italian heritage, personal experience and classical training. He was named a Star Chefs “2010 Rising Star,” a James Beard Foundation semi-finalist for “Best Chef: West” for four consecutive years, and Food & Wine’s “People’s Best Chef California” in 2013 and “Best New Chef” in 2014.

Francesco Apreda

Apreda is a renowned Italian chef and recipient of a Michelin star, securing his status as a world-class chef. His talent lies in the ability to recreate the a modern Italian cuisine full of flavors turn them into incredible dishes for a sensory eating experience like no other.

Jaquelin Adriana Mednilla de Águila

Aguila is QGrader and Barista from Anacafe Coffee School.

Victor Cadenas

Cadenas is a Q Grader and professional coffee roaster in Costa Rica, roasting for Cup of Excellence for five years. He evaluates genetic materials and varieties for ICafe, Catie, World Coffee Research and others.

Berhanu Gezahegn

Gezahegn is Director of the Coffee Quality Inspection and Certification Center (CQICC) at the Ministry of Agriculture (MoANR) in Ethiopia. Previously, he served as its director for training and advisory service.

Anthony Giglio

Giglio is a writer, educator and storyteller focused on wine, spirits and other beverages. He writes a weekly “Wine Wise Guy” column for Food & Wine, is the wine reporter for CBS News Radio, and is a contributor for DeparturesEsquire and other major media outlets. Additionally, he serves as Wine Director for The Centurion Lounge at LaGuardia airport.

Maria Loi

Loi is a Greek food ambassador, author and healthy lifestyle expert. She is a popular TV chef in Greece, and the author of more than 36 cookbooks and 150 magazine editions. She has been recognized as the Global Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy by The Chef’s Club of Greece and has since earned a reputation as the U.S. leader in authentic Greek cuisine.

Sunalini Menon

Menon is Asia’s first female professional in the field of coffee tasting, also known as coffee cupping. She has been called “Asia’s first lady of coffee.” Formerly, Menon was director of quality control for the Coffee Board of India, and founder of her own company, Coffee Labs, in Bangalore.

Spencer Turer

Turer is the Director of Coffee Operations at Coffee Enterprises. He has dedicated his career to creating coffee quality and has become a pioneer for roaster certification. He is also a writer and technical editor for ROAST Magazine and Tea & Coffee Trade Journal.