José Neftali Arauz Herrera


What does coffee mean to you and your country?

It is special, we live with coffee every day, interacting with workers, professionals, commerce, community and companies. It gives me satisfaction to produce coffee as it is the most important product in our Nation.

What is your favorite place in your country?

My region Jinotega with its mountains, rivers, streams and its lakes that make a climate fresh and pleasant to enjoy daily, providing happiness in my life next to my wife and sons.

What is your history with illycaffè?

illycaffè has just arrived when I needed it since it goes hand in hand with the life and well-being of our economy.

How does perfect coffee grow?

Conditions of the workers and the community, providing management practices suitable that guarantee the quality of the product to the final consumer.

How do you drink coffee?

Since we were children our parents gave us this drink that we liked and was part of our daily diet. I drink it often and it is good in every moment and for all activities: it is delicious!