Mi Italia, su Japón

Yijia Yuan

Yijia Yuan


Keep coffee in an ice bath, pour all the ingredients except the yuzu cream in a mixing glass, stir lightly with ice, this is to chill the cocktail, we are not looking for precisely dilution.
Served in an ice cream cone covered in 70% dark chocolate, the capacity of which should be around 100-105ml. Top with the homemade yuzu cream. As garnish, loosely scattered colored sprinkles and a piece of coral tuille covered in citric powder.


  • 25ml rice cream liqueur

  • 25ml averna

  • 50ml classic illy espresso

  • top homemade yuzu cream

Homemade yuzu cream

For an 500ml ISI cream whipper, use as proportions for different capacities. Pass the mix through a small fine mesh strainer and pour into an ISI whipper, charge with one charge, lightly shake the whipper to fully emulsify.


  • 290ml whipping cream

  • 95ml egg white

  • 115ml yuzu purée

Homemade citric powder

Made by pulverizing dehydrated lemon and lime peels.