Jovita Castillo


What does coffee mean to you and your country?

I love coffee, I grew up in a coffee farm where I breathed in the values and the typical culture of a coffee family. In the afternoons we enjoyed a good coffee that my mother prepared for us on a wood fire. I have been working in coffee for more than 30 years, where I have spent the best experiences of my life and a source of family income.

Coffee for my country Guatemala?

It is a heritage of family culture, it is the source of income for more than 125,000 families. Our systems of cultivating under shade, is a great contribution to the sustainability of the biodiversity of flora and fauna of the regions.

What is your favorite place in your country?

My favorite place is Finca Joya Grande, its beautiful landscapes, the aroma of the flowers, the song of the birds, the noise of the bees displeasing the nectar of the flowers makes me feel in paradise.

What is your history with illycaffè?

It was a dream that came true, selling our best coffee to illy and positioning the coffee brand Finca Joya Grande,  was achieved through Bicafe, who have given us opportunities: training, social activities, communication activities and meet the Illy family. We met them two years ago, in a meeting  arranged by Bicafé in Anacafé facilities,  and last year in a Zoom meeting.

How does the perfect coffee grow?

The perfect coffee is the one that appeals to all palates. Coffee is a living being, which needs soil, air, sun and water to live, depending on the variety and quality required.

How do you drink coffee?

During breakfast, in the afternoon refurbishment and at dinner. A coffee roasts half dark and medium ground, prepared in percolator, one tablespoon of coffee per cup of water, without sugar.