El Salvador

José Ernesto Borja Papini


What does coffee mean to you and your country?

It’s a legacy of our grandparents that we still follow with great passion, always trying to improve the quality for future generations. For our country coffee is a symbol of pride, as it is the main source of economic, cultural and environmental development.

What is your favorite place in your country?

It is Finca Agua Caliente, in the department of Ahuachapán. It is the place where my history with coffee began.

What is your history with illycaffè?

It is a story that began more than two decades ago….

How do you drink coffee?

I always start the day with a cup of coffee.

How does the perfect coffee grow?

Coffee depends on several factors, from temperature to humidity and altitude, it also depends on the variety which must meet the quality required. That’s why we work to the improvement of the varieties that enable us to offer excellent coffee.