Costa Rica

Juan Carlos Alvarez


What does coffee mean to you and your country?

Coffee is everything. It is a source of wealth, a source of sustenance for families, it is economic and social development, growth for people.

What is your favorite place in your country?

My favorite place is Tilarán, where I grew up, where my grandparents and parents taught me the culture of coffee. It is a place of lakes, volcano, rains and winds.

What is your history with illycaffè?

illycaffè is an organisation that belongs to me, it is part of me. They have played a fundamental role in our actions. I started to sell coffee to illy when I was part of a cooperative in Coope el Dos. They always proposed us very good prices and now, in Coope Atenas, we consider essential the relationship with illycaffè. 

How does the perfect coffee grow?

The perfect coffee has to grow in an ideal climate, like the one here in Coope Athens, which has the best climate in the world. It is a coffee that requires attention, assistance, and support from coffee buyers with a good purchase price, which gives us sustenance and permit us to cultivate it also in the future. 

How do you drink coffee?

I always drink coffee in the mornings, at 7 in the morning, a good black coffee, well dripped. A coffee of our brand, Ateneo, a sweet, aromatic coffee with a very good fragrance. And also a coffee at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, again a good coffee to be active all day.