Gerardo Iván Arroyo Cortés


What does coffee mean to you and your country?

For me, coffee is the engine with which I start the day, it is the way to get in touch with our coffee growers. For my country it means culture: a drink that reminds us of our parents and grandparents, since we have inherited from them the tradition of consuming coffee with our families, friends and colleagues.

What is your favorite place in your country?

I like the municipality of Páez, Cauca, located in the east of the region. Its location is accompanied by diverse landscapes that reveal the greatness of a territory, where various cultures converge and where coffee, among all crops, means progress and development for people and families.

What is your history with illycaffè?

illycaffè, as a commercial ally, has helped and supported the creation of a link, a bridge between the community of students, young people and the coffee market. This is why we created the Intergenerational Coffee Project program, which represents a communication bridge between the producer, the environment, the product, its added value and the main commercial ally that is illycaffè and its social commitment with the producing communities.

How does the perfect coffee grow?

With good agro-environmental management, guaranteeing fertilization, compost, weed management in time, accompanied by a good shade (preferably fruit trees), a good post-harvest process, washing, drying in parabolic drying structures. All this has to be accompanied by love during each step of the entire process, since loves helps achieving the purpose.

How do you drink coffee?

I drink filter coffee, drip extraction method. Those four minutes it takes to prepare the coffee are the same once I need to activate my senses and taste it with pleasure.