Caffè Tonico

Dario Schivoni

Dario Schivoni


Coffee Ketel one Vodka (1 Bottle)
1 L Ketel one Vodka
100 g Illy coffee
Infuse for 24 hour in sous vide bag

Cold brew Illy (750 ML)
750 ml Illy coffee

Home made Coffee syrup (1L)
400 g Sugar
200 g Water
500 g Illy coffee
Add all the ingredients in a pot, cook them for 9 min in
medium heat


  • 30ml cold brew Illy
    45ml coffee Ketel one Vodka
  • 30ml home made coffee syrup
  • Top up Tonic water
  • Garnish: Lemon twist
  • Best serve: wine glass with big chunk of ice